Reviews, Recommendations and References
“Our gallery has represented Tatiana for over 2 years now and we are proud to have her in our cadre of regular artists. She is an utmost professional in her work. In fact, her professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and motivation make her a pleasure to work with. Her work has been selling very well and she always has an inventory to refresh works sold. Her body of work is cohesive in her atelier trained, ‘ Old Masters -like’ style. Many of our customers are immediately drawn to her work when they walk through our doors. Any gallery would be lucky to have her” – Peter & Jennifer Damon, Co- owners of the True Grit Art Gallery in Middleboro, MA

“Tatiana Roulin has been exhibiting in our gallery since we opened 2 years ago (in June of 2016). I first discovered her work in a gallery in Bristol, RI and knew if I opened a gallery I would try to represent her. Luckily for us, she agreed to show her gorgeous work with us. Her pastel paintings are vibrant with mood and color. She really has a way of capturing a scene and lending her own particular style to the interpretation. I also love the “generic” quality of her subjects – reminiscent enough to remind the viewer of a certain location, but neutral enough to appeal to a wide variety of collectors. As a gallery owner I so appreciate Tatiana’s professional demeanor and also her personable nature. I consider our artists a “family” of sorts and choose to break from some traditional models, in that I regularly bring our artists in on what our gallery plans are, and other broader items that would affect an artist showing with us. Tatiana’s work is always meticulous. The quality of her framing is stellar. This might seem like a “little” thing, but when a picture comes off the wall to go to a new home, it can sometimes be a major detraction from a piece to see the back carelessly attend to. I consider Tatiana’s work a fantastic addition to any gallery showing her genre. She is proactive in her own career and also a wonderful representative for her galleries.”Linda Kiley Owner & Gallery Director,  Art Works Gallery of Cedar City, UT

“Tatiana Roulin has been represented by Hope Gallery for over two years. She is an outstanding artist who teaches one-on-one art as well as group painting workshops at Hope Gallery. Tatiana is a top selling artist who is very prolific in all mediums. Her marketing ability is superior as is her art”Anita Trezvant,  Owner & Gallery Director of the Hope Gallery Fine Art – Fine Craft in Bristol, RI

“I am writing you to recommend my friend Tatiana Roulin. I have painted with her a few times and have been in many shows with her. She is a very hard-working and talented artist. She is a full-time artist and is involved with many local and regional galleries and has a large body of work with something for everyone”Dianne Panarelli Miller,  Fine Artist

“I highly recommend her, she is honest and reliable. I am not sure she is selling art these days, but she is a good person. I highly respect her for the work she does.”Robin Antar, Sculptor, Realism in Stone Inc.

“Beautiful work – I personally own several pieces that Tatiana has created. Reasonable prices on commissions” – Kelly Yeats, artist friend and owner of Copper Glassworks

I have had the pleasure of viewing some of her work and was very impressed! Her work is from her heart and it shows.– Bob Hershman from Coldwell Banker

“I’m on holiday at the moment. I thought I was flying to Boston, but apparently it was to Providence/Boston. Hence I ended up in Newport. Like all holidays I overdid the walking on the first day and ended up in the Spring Bull Gallery on the way back. I walked round and stopped at your painting. Went back a bit and came back to yours. Joan offered me water. I expected warm tap water, but I got ice cold bottled water, then she plied me with cookies. We chatted and I said unfortunately I couldn’t take anything back on the plane. Joan said they’d shipped abroad before; another longing gaze and you had a sale. I’m looking forward to seeing it in my living room in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Your art is lovely, but this one is amazing. I know art is personal, but this one (“Beauty of Martha’s Vineyard”) just grabbed me. Hopefully I’ll be enjoying it for years to come.”Tommy ,  Art supporter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

“I fell in love with your “Snow Day” last Fall, after I moved into Middleboro and discovered the True Grit Gallery. I visited the gallery, off and on, through the Winter, just to look at “Snow Day”. I am a complete neophyte, when it comes to art works, but the painting really moves me. It’s a great piece of art. I don’t know much about all the aspects and nuances of painting. But “Snow Day” just jumped out at me. That’s never really happened to me, in seventy years. I even brought friends to the gallery to look at it. I really like your work. Your pieces were the best in True Grit, when I went there. But “Snow Day” was special to me. “Greg Lee, True Grit Gallery visitor

Tatiana Roulin I did, indeed, see your work in person when I was at the AAM auction. It took my breath away. I couldn’t stop looking at the lushness of the colors. So wonderful. I wish you great success with the showSandy Coleman, supporter of the Attleboro Arts Museum

“Tatiana’s work has a wonderful ethereal quality to it” Dianna Ponting, owner of the The Easel Butler

“Always supportive! And an amazing artist. I am so honored to be connected to Tatiana Roulin!” Barby D. Osborn, artist friend

“Tatiana, you are truly talented…your “Summer in New England” is just beautiful…as they all are. I am so proud to have some of your work hanging in our home!”Pam Sawyer, friend and art supporter

“I have Tatiana’s pastels, she’s great!Cheryl Romano, supporter of the  True Grit Art Gallery

You captured Joyce kitty’s personality even better than the photo. Thank you!Jack Hoover,  Hillsboro, OR, Pet portrait commission

“”Boston Lights” is an awesome painting. Everyone who sees it is excited by it. “Thomas Winant,  Port St. Lucie, FL

“Tatiana, your work is always well received. We appreciate your continuing support at the Attleboro Arts Museum.Michael Evans,  Fine Art Painter,  Art teacher at Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts and board member of the Attleboro Arts Museum

I’ve been meaning to let you know how much Jack enjoyed your painting. I don’t think I can explain how much.  It’s hanging in our living room next to where he sits so he can see it every day… thanks so much,  your work is really beautiful.  All the accolades I’ve been seeing online recently,  very well deserved! Kelly Yeats,  Copper Glassworks

I just purchased “Moonlight Magic” yesterday from Art Works in Cedar City, Utah. I fell in love with it and could not leave the shop without it. This gave me goosebumps. Words can’t describe how pleased I am to own this. The only problem is now I want more. Thank you for such a beautiful work of art. – Vicky Pollard, art collector

“Dear Tatiana, Thank you for contributing your art to Health Resources in Acton. Your work will enhance our environment and support our staff as they work to help people live healthier lives through prevention, health promotion, policy and research. Good health is a right, not privilege. Thank you for supporting our mission in such a meaningful waySteven Ridini Ed.D, President & CEO

“Dear Tatiana, The Staff and clients of the Department of Youth Services’s Lynn District Community Office along with the North American Family institute would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution of art to our community office. Most of all, we all appreciate your generosity. Please know that in our own corner of the world here in the Lynn community where we are charged with servicing youth and families, that we will be displaying your beautiful art piece proudly on our office walls sharing your creativity with many others”The Lynn District Community Office

O.M.G. I Feel like I Could walk right into this image (Beauty of Martha’s Vineyard)!! AMAZING WORK, AGAIN!!Terri Sweeney, True Grit Art Gallery supporter

“Clearly, your work is irresistible for me. That’s because your delightfully whimsical pieces are perfect for an otherwise drab mini-wall above my kitchen cabinets. They, poor things, are even more drab, barren in fact. That’s because my brief visits to the kitchen focus primarily on a freezer and microwave oven. Your talent ensures I will always smile in the kitchen, in spite of my feelings of inadequacy in a culinary domain. I thank you for that. “Jay Gordon, collector from North Carolina

“Tatiana, I received “Deep Fall” painting and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!” – Norann McDonnell, collector from Texas

I’ve seen Tatiana Roulin’s work and it is amazing!!Lisa Rendine, True Grit Art Gallery supporter

Love your works. And your website is awesome.Isabel Shamitz, Fine Art Painter

“A HUGE shout-out to Tatiana for her LIVE painting performance at the MMAS Gala 2015 on Friday night. BRAVO!”MMAS Black Box Theater and The Morini Gallery Staff

“I received your “Deep Fall” painting and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!”Mary Ann Caldwell, art collector from TX

“Your art is beautifully soft. I had a good look through it all and I am sure you must have been inspired by Turner. Congratulations on your style.”Bill Higginson, Community Director of Direct2Artist.

“I love your work! You are a fantastic painter! “Ann Rozhon, Fine Art Painter and Sculptor

Tatiana is even lovlier than her artwork! It was a true pleasure to meet this gracious, talented young lady!Laura L. Martin, Art Lover, Art Collector, great supporter and a true friend, who passed away way too early.

“It was a pleasure to purchase Tatiana’s work, Plums in a Blue Bowl. It is now framed and will hang on my wall very soon!”Anna Pratt, art collector

“Excellent experience – prompt, secure and efficient. Not to mention the wonderful painting – thank you!”Sean Spillane, art collector

“Fantastic paintings Tatiana, you are gifted!”Hilary Millar

“Tatiana, I bought “Night City” painting for my husband and we absolutely love it!!! I hung it in my living room and when I come downstairs in the morning it’s the first thing I see and it just makes me feel good!!!!”Debbi Coury, art collector

“We are pleased to announce that Dustyn will be a part of Beyond the Diagnosis II Art Exhibit at Harvard Medical School. Tatiana Roulin did such a WONDERFUL job on his portrait. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”Katie Schifino, owner of Alluring Knots

“Tatiana, I just wanted to say that We love your Painting “Japanese Teapot” which sits in our kitchen in a prominent spot that everyone who comes into our home will see it. It is a very lovely painting. Thank you!”Ron A. Rudat, Fine Art Artist

“It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to see you in action, you do such beautiful work and your Red Hat collection is amazing. Thank you for Recognizing the Red Hat Society in such an amazing way”Diana Hillis-Bradford, The Queen of Purple, Red and Ravishing a Long Beach Red Hat Society Chapter and also an Ambassador for the Red Hat Society.

“Tatiana paints lovely pastels with a solid sense of design. We are both members of the Mansfield Art Association”Kristi Johnston, Artist and Art Instructor

“I highly recommend Tatiana Roulin, her work is amazing!”Sam Ruest, Owner/Curator of The Parson House Gallery

“Tatiana is a gifted artist. She has shown many times at the MMAS Morini Gallery here in Mansfield. She has also supported MMAS with donations of her works to our annual auctions and gala. She is always upbeat and a joy to be around.”Ken Butler, Executive Director MMAS Inc., Actor/Singer

“Tatiana, I’m enjoying your art … beautiful work”Morgan Davis, Fine Art Artist

“Tatiana, your Chickadee just arrived. He is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much! You did such a professional job too, of wrapping and mailing it. We have been having rains so I went right out and got it from our mail box! He is just so beautiful! I will now have a fresh painting of quality, to admire! I am 82 years old and an AMATEUR artist, mostly just for tension release, so I do admire your excellent quality of work! Thank you again for giving me , and others, such pleasure in viewing your special ART!”– Pat Roth

“Beautiful. Absolutely love how you use the medium in your work”Brandt Valcourt

“Thanks for the fabulous floral still life class this weekend at The Center in Plymouth”Carole E Raymond

“Thanks to Tatiana Roulin for teaching me sooo much about pastels this weekend! Also thanks to Anita Trezvant for holding the pastel class in her gallery, Hope Gallery in Bristol. I had a wonderful time and can’t wait for the next one!!”Maureen Stafford Sullivan

“Just beautiful …. the portfolio of talented artist Tatiana Roulin, whose classic technique in still life is to die for!”Carolyn Graham Edlund, the founder of Artsy Shark and Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute

“Tatiana Roulin has many collectors of her art and uses masterful techniques to achieve luminosity in landscapes and still life paintings”Renée Phillips, the Founder & Director of Manhattan Arts International of New York, NY

“I had the pleasure to exhibit some of Tatiana’s wonderful ink drawings some years ago in my Leipzig gallery, that I’d run back then. I was impressed by the beauty and skilful delicacy of these pieces. She was awarded in the frame of Palm Art Award in 2008, and I featured her art in two of my book editions of “Who’s Who in Visual Art”.Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, CEO of Art Domain Group

“Tatiana Roulin, I loved seeing your two paintings installed at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Framingham yesterday! You, as a donating artist, were recognized in the program, in the CEO’s gracious address, and during the art tour. Wish you could have joined us. Thank you for donating through The Art Connection!”Susan Collins, Executive Director at The Art Connection in Boston, MA

“I have admired your work, Tatiana, from both online and in person. So it will be great to meet you face to face!”Allison Coelho Picone, Fine Art Artist

“Just a quick “thank you”. You have been an inspiration to me in painting. I have NEVER wanted to even try still life until seeing yours. Every day objects made into wonderful paintings. Now, after trying a couple, I’m having a ball! My late mother’s favorite pitcher, a couple of watercolors from my collection of tea pots, & today, one of my pieces of pottery. Again, THANK YOU!”Beverly Culver

“I have purchased artwork from Tatiana on two occasions. Her artwork – paintings in oils and pastels (as well as other media) – are truly fine art. I have found Tatiana to be extremely knowledgeable of the art industry and does an amazing job in marketing her own work. She exhibits her artwork in numerous galleries and has won many awards. Her interaction with customers is timely and genuine. She is engaging to interact with. I would highly recommend her artwork and her skills as a business woman to anyone in need of an artistic project that requires imagination and a sense of beauty.”Michael Leary,  Art collector

“Tatiana, I am in awe with your business expertise. Your work is beyond outstanding. I am working a true website other than facebook. Yours is so very professional.”Barby D. Osborn

“Tatiana is an outstanding artist and much more. Off Our Wall Online Gallery is fortunate and honored to be able to work with such an accomplished fine artist. Tatiana’s talent is undeniable and her passion for what she creates is palatable. Just as her images remind us of the finer things in life, they also invoke wonderful feelings of joy of those surroundings around us. She enables us to stop and appreciate a view we may see everyday, but her ability to capture a ‘feeling’ is where she shines! There hasn’t been a painting I haven’t wanted to hang in my home – that alone is a big compliment. Tatiana also makes fine art accessable with her very favorable prices. Her quality is top-notch, and of the highest quality, but her prices make it reachable for all her fans. It is my honor to work WITH and FOR Tatiana at our online gallery. She is the artist that has honed her craft, is astute in the creative industry and is the ultimate connector with her customer and fellow fine artists. We look forward to a long business and creative relationship with Tatiana. She makes this world a lot more pleasurable for all of us!”Christine Kostka Cohen, Gallery Owner of Off Our Wall

“As the art curator at Perks Coffe House in Norwood, I commissioned Tatiana to showcase her work last January. Her work was well-received and we hope she books with us next year. It was a pleasure to work with her and feature art that had a higher level of sophistication than the usual coffee house art. She was also very professional and eager to advance art as a medium for all to enjoy. She was particularly encouraging to the student art we were showcasing, which tells you everything about her total commitment to her vocation and passion.”Edward Morneau, Director of CranialHeap and Owner of Perk’s Coffee House in Norwood, MA

“I am a Gallery owner in Long Beach California. I chose Tatiana’s art to exhibit in my Gallery. Her colorful collection of tea cups, cupcakes and fruit still lifes are delightful! My gallery has represented Tatiana since 2012 and she is a top selling artist.”Gina Woodruff, Owner and Art Director of the Gina M Woodruff Gallery in Long Beach, CA

“Tatiana, your work is beautiful! I especially like the softness of your landscapes and the abstract eyes look like they were a lot of fun to do. So proud to see that one of my fellow Sharonites is doing their art full time!”Kyia Watkins, Owner & Artist of At Peace Arts

“Tatiana is a high standard Painter and has participated and gotten awards in several International Art Events that we have promoted”Edilson Elio Barbosa, President of The Brazilian National Academy of Fine Arts

“Dear Tatiana… The good news is that everything was just fine at the opening with the presence of the British Ambassador William Marsden, among other important personalities. Your work was awarded with Silver Medal, an excellent position in the Modern Category. It called very good attention to your painting …”Edilson Elio Barbosa, President of The Brazilian National Academy of Fine Arts

“It is not very often that a painting can evoke feelings of calm happiness. Tatiana’s talent does this. Not only expert in technique but in emoting a feeling that soothes – all is right with the world. Colors, placement, the finished framed painting, is easy for the receiver. It is enjoyable just to scoot over to her Facebook page and website to see what is happening and take a look at her latest gem. It is a pleasure. Thank you Tatiana, for your talent and friendliness.” Rosemarie Kliegman, Fine Art Artist & art collector

“Tatiana is a real astonishing artist. When I saw her masterpieces in my friend’s open house in Dec. 2011, my eyes fixed on her oil painting for those warm color, beautiful shade, and various tint. She showed great daily life objects, like tea pot, cups, fruits and so on. However, those common things attracted every one to be closer to the artist who was so friendly and pretty decent. I’m so lucky to know Tatiana, and introduce her beautiful painting to my family in Taiwan after I bought a small size work.”Phoebe Li, Piano Teacher

“Tatiana’s talent in realistic oil paintings and pastels is only matched by her tireless promotion and productive output. As a fellow artist, she is always available to share ideas and techniques. If you are an art collector, take a long look at Ms. Roulin’s work.”JT Harding, Chief Fine Artist, JT Harding Studios

“Tatiana is a very gifted artist. I like her deep feeling for details and extraordinary artistic sensitivity. She is ”out of the box” thinking person, strongly organized and responsible.”Tania Haralampieva, Piano & Music Theory Teacher, TK Music Lessons

“Sharing the love from Art Hill Studios! LOVE your work, you are doing a great job, can’t wait to see more of your work in Reflections Gallery!”Kathleen Selig

“Your “First Buptist Church” artwork is better than good, I am no expert but you capture a feeling or sense that is more, much more, than just a picture… impressed, even your fruit stills show depth, whatever that means, just a feeling, cool!”Tom Rose

“Well I am starting out the New Year just right! I just won Tatiana Roulin’s lovely painting and I am thrilled. There is nothing better, as an artist, to receive a painting from another artist, especially when their work is so well respected. The painting is charming and I am looking forward to hanging it in a special place. Tatiana’s work has always been a pleasure to see and now I have one of my own. Thank you Tatiana!!”Rosemarie Kliegman, Fine Art Artist & art collector

“Tatiana and I have participated in many art shows together. Her work is beautifully done! She has received many awards and her work is very well received.”Rebecca Skinner, Photographer/Owner of Rebecca Skinner Photography

“Beautiful works all of them, though your landscapes and still lifes speak the most to me in their brilliance of colour, composition or the feeling of space.”Frans Commelin, artist/painter from Netherlands

“Tatiana is a hard working, experienced fine artist that is always striving to grow. She is very prolific, and has a large body of work that gives credibility to her professional status as an artist. I highly recommend Tatiana in whatever capacity you may need.”Christina Beecher, Owner of Christina Beecher Fine Arts

“I love Tatiana’s pastel paintings & drawings. They are amazing and she has a wonderful spirit and diligent attitude toward her work and life. I strongly recommend her.”Elena Sonbok Lee, Owner & Art Director of the Art & Light Gallery in La Mesa, CA

“I was LUCKY enough to be the winner in the Halloween give away offered by Tatiana. I love my black cat. It is truly a beautiful painting and I feel honored to have won.”Judy Boyette Tankersley

“Tatiana is an amazing artist. Her art lights up the room. If her work is an example of who she is. We are all blessed”Cary Singewald

“Just got the “Stripey Cup” painting! It is fantastic! Love the bright colors! Very happy with it! Well packaged as well! ”Maggie MacLellan, Fine Art Sculptor

“Tatiana is a very talented artist! Simply beautiful artwork!”Christi Barrett, Artist/Owner-Operator of ImCrazy4Art

“Tatiana is a true professional fine artist. She has a great capacity for both producing refined artworks, and for promoting them. It has been a pleasure to include her in our gallery’s exhibitions.”Bruce Wood, Owner & Director of the Woodshed Gallery in Franklin, MA

“The handling of pastels in the pieces I have seen thus far are fantastic, your color choice really makes them piece magical”Ya La’ford

“I love your sumi ink works. I think you have a great command of that particular vein and would love to see more work like that!”Denyse Abruzzise Dar, Ink Artist and owner of Denyse Dar Studio

“Your wonderful skill and creativity and the scope af your media and subjects is greatly appreciated and admired!”Joseph T Dick

“I like your bold colors when painting the fruits and vegetables and the softness of your colors in the landscapes. Some of your paintings seem mystical and alive with the love of your feelings toward nature and its creator”Sheila Duerst

“Your mastery of pastel just totally blows me away but I have to say that my fav is the mini Tuscan landscape you did with the hay bales because it brings back memories of my summers in Italy so strongly that I can even smell the cut grass.”Amy Baker Shipley

“Tatiana is talented and honest. She communicates clearly and pleasantly to peers and customers.” Dennis Stein, Owner of Dennis Stein Photography

“Tatiana is an exhibitor in the Dedham Open Studio event that I am helping organize. She has a great blend of creative passion and practical sensibilities. I feel very fortunate to have her work in our event!”Mark Pearrow, Dedham Open Studios developer and contributor

“I do enjoy so much Tatiana’s works, not only a wonderful arist but also a wonderful person!!!”Chris Mels

“I know Tatiana Roulin’s art from a few exhibitions around and in Norwood, MA. I’m very impressed by her typical Russian sensitivity, expression and depiction of objects’ characters!”Tania Haralampieva

“Tatiana got a wonderful talent. Definitely her work on mountains is outstanding and those fruits almost can be taken out of the frame”Lihir Gonsalves

“Tatiana is talented, nice and trustworthy artist, she has an excellent reputation in the creative arts.” Susan Landise

“Tatiana Roulin is a superb artist. Her work is outstanding in her landscapes and her portraits are beyond that. She has an excellent grasp of the medium and uses it to its full capacity of color and nuances. As an artist myself I appreciate and fully endorse her work.”Edward Rogaishio, Owner of Fine Art Edward

“Her variety is intriguing. Tatiana has a whimsical touch in her paintings that pulls you in to the scene. The mood and perspective help to tell a story without words. I would like to see her visions dance on picture book pages with stories that take children and parents alike on adventures.”Suzen Perry

“Tatiana is a serious artist who is professional and passionate about her work. She is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for any position in the ‘Art World’.” BJ Bjork (08.21.1943 – 08.26.2012), Fine Art Artist

“I interviewed Tatiana for the Today in New York series on NUOK ( Her works and creations are the result of a true creative soul and I was thus very pleased to host her on our website pages, helping spread the buzz around her art. Here is the full interview with Mrs. Roulin. Tatiana’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative”Fran Masoero,  Jurnalist @ NUOK

“Tatiana is a talented artist currently exhibiting in my gallery. Her style is beautifully unique and receives a lot of positive attention. During her visits to the gallery, she’s always very engaging to my clients and staff. She’s professional and an all around interesting person.”Julie Weller, Owner/Operator at Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9

“I love the depth of detail and the boldness of the lines in Tatiana Roulin’s ink artwork. She’s an artist and graphic designer from Boston whose work has been featured in exhibitions in America, Brazil, Austria, Britain, Spain and Germany.”Zolton Zavos, Co-founder and Managing Editor of Lost at E Minor

“Tatiana Roulin is one of the most talented artists I’ve had the privilege to know personally, and all I can say is that her works, which are well grounded in the Traditional School, are very well worth viewing.”Anna Kirsten, Photographer from UK

“It’s really a gift to find you here in Period Gallery. Incredible work, wonderful blend of realism and impressionism. I would like to say thank you for your inspiration”Laura

“Wonderful Art! Enjoyed finding your art here in Period Gallery. I just sit staring at your work. This work really touches me. Thank you for inspiration that you give. “Jack