MESA Invitational Show

This July I was invited by the director of the Attleboro Arts Museum, Mim Brooks Fawcett, to participate in the invitational exhibition “Mesa”. In September I dropped off my painting, titled “Apples and Eggs”, for this show. Exhibition is going to be on display from September 11th to September 22nd, 2018. Reception and NEA Big Read Kickoff: Saturday, September 15th from 2-4pm. Free & open to all.

The Attleboro Arts Museum is located at 86 Park St. in Attleboro, MA; Hours: Tue. – Sat.: 10:00 am – 4 pm

Check out The Sun Chronicle‘s coverage of the opening reception for “MESA: Tables Constructed Under Five Skies”/Big Read’s kickoff event that took place this past Saturday. “MESA” runs through September 22nd, 2018.

Check out The Sun Chronicle PREVIEWS MESA

Here is my Artist Statement I wrote about my painting:

In the novel Five Skies, one particular table becomes a focal point. The sky blue table crafted by Ronnie Panelli serves as a gathering spot and provides the background for meals supplied by Darwin. “There was a tub of a pasta salad and a bowl of red apples and hard-boiled eggs already on the new table” (page 83). I wanted to create something related to this scene. Having a blue table in this novel is rather figurative because the color of blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, faith, and truth, something that can be found in the main characters. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Dutch still life paintings were not just random sets of objects. They all had their hidden meanings sending a message to observers. Following this practice my still life can be interpreted accordingly. The bowl of red apples represents a unity of drama and knowledge whereas red corresponds to drama, and the apple means knowledge. The egg has always held a symbolic significance in still lives partly because it is a visual shorthand for new life and un-hatched potential. Interestingly enough, for Dali, who continued the Dutch tradition of symbolism, the egg usually symbolizes new beginnings amidst the surrounding chaos and also a masculine prowess. These meanings serve well to represent the three main characters of the novel, men who became a team in a beautiful, isolated place, not just to complete their construction project, but also to find themselves amid their personal struggles.


In fall 2018 the City of Attleboro, MA will be reading the novel “Five Skies” by Ron Carlson, the story of three men working a doomed construction project in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. The Attleboro Arts Museum is eager to tie into the novel with the mounting of Mesa – Tables Constructed with Five Skies Overhead, an invitational exhibition.

Carlson’s novel repeatedly spotlights a range of tables: Ronnie Panelli’s well crafted, sky blue gathering spot; the examination table where a wood sliver is removed; the tables at the Antlers – the best place to eat in town.

As the Invitation says: “You are invited to create your version of a 3D or 2D table that is either featured in Five Skies or is personally significant to you.”

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Paint To Preserve @ The South Street Gallery of Hingham

I am one of the artists who participated in the “Paint to Preserve” invitational plein air event and fundraiser organized by the South Street Gallery, located at 149 South Street in HIngham, MA. This year they organized again a plein-air painting event, in partnership with The Trustees on the South Shore. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the on-going care of preserved reservations managed by The Trustees on the South Shore. Artists went to any one or more of the South Shore properties which belong to the Trustees and painted there.

Paintings produced as a result of this effort will be offered at a 3-week-long silent auction, starting on Friday evening July 27 from 6 to 8 pm, ending on August 17.

You should stop by to place a bid between 7/27 – 8/17!

Here are my paintings, “Sunny Weir Farm” (8″x10″, oil, framed) and “World’s End in June” (8″x8″, pastel, framed) I painted for this event this year. I hope you will stop by to see this exhibition! Enjoy! Please support the Arts, local artists and The Trustees!

SOLD at The South Street Gallery

reddot “World’s End In June” 8″x8″ pastel, 12″x12″ framed size, SOLD at the South Street Gallery of Hingham


SOLD @ The South Street Gallery

reddot “Sunny Weir Farm” – 8″x10″ oil, framed, SOLD at the South Street Gallery of Hingham

UPDATE: I am glad to say that both paintings, “World’s End in June” and “Sunny Weir River Farm” got SOLD in the “Paint To Preserve” invitational plein air event and fundraiser to benefit The Trustees at the South Street Gallery of Hingham, MA. Huge thank you for your support!

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Juried into Studio Visit Magazine

Recently I’ve been informed that my work “Harvest Time” (20″x20″, oil, 24″x24″ framed size, framed in gold leaf frame) has been juried into Studio Visit Magazine Publication in Summer Competition.

I’ve received an email that says: ” Dear Tatiana Roulin, Congratulations! Your artwork has been selected by our juror, Francine Weiss PhD, Senior Curator at the Newport Art Museum. The response to our call for artists was, once again, incredible. Over 1000 individuals entered the competition and you are one of 350 artists who have been invited by Ms. Weiss to participate. Scheduled to be released this winter, Studio Visit will be received by a total of two-thousand galleries, museum curators, and art aficionados throughout the country”

The results of this Summer 2018 competition will be released in Studio Visit Winter publications, volumes 43 & 44. So stay tuned!

“Harvest Time” – 20″x20″ original size, 24″x24″ framed size

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Boston Voyager magazine Feature

Recently I’ve been approached by the Boston Voyager magazine to be featured in their “Inspiring Stories” section for the Boston area and today my interview has been published. You can read and comment on it by clicking this link. I hope you enjoy reading it and thank you so much for all your support!

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“Evening Stream” was placed in TOP 10

More exciting news. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Light Space & Time Gallery and especially to John R Math for the wonderful news and for awarding several of my paintings in the “Landscapes” Juried Show held by them. I am glad to say that my painting “Evening Stream” has been awarded with 4th Place in the Painting Category & 7th Place in the Overall Category. The overall winning artists’ category of the “Landscapes” Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity by having their winning art presented on The LST page will feature the artist’s art, an excerpt of their artists statement and their website URLs as part of the gallery’s overall prize package. Here is my Listing on

Additionally my painting “Summer Trail” was awarded with “Special Merit in the Painting Category” and my “Misty Evening” (oil, 24″x24″ framed size) painting was awarded with “Special Recognition“. Here is a link to the Overall Winners (posted below). Huge thank you again!  

“Evening Stream” has been awarded with 4th Place in the Painting Category & 7th Place in the Overall Category.


Evening Stream 8″X8″ Pastel, Professionally Framed. Currently available through The Mint Gallery in Bristol, RI

“Summer Trail” was awarded with “Special Merit in the Painting Category”


Summer Trail 8″x8″ pastel, Professionally Framed. Currently available through The True Grit Art Gallery in Middleboro, MA

“Misty Evening” (oil, 24″x24″ framed size) painting was awarded with “Special Recognition“

Misty Evening 20″x20″ oil, Professionally Framed. Currently available through Roulin Studio & Gallery

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Still Point Arts Quarterly Summer 2018 Issue Feature

STILL POINT ARTS QUARTERLY | SUMMER 2018 | NO. 30. They just released this gorgeous Summer Issue. Here are some pages where I am featured on. Thank you!

You are welcome to check Still Point Arts Quarterly Magazine’s web page as well.


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Tatiana Roulin – Visiting Artist @ Spring Bull Gallery

I wanted to share that currently my work is being featured at the Spring Bull Gallery during months of May and June. I have oils and pastels on display there. Majority of my paintings represent New England scenes I personally visited and painted on. Please stop by any time you can to see my display. Spring Bull Gallery is located at 55 Bellevue Ave. In Newport, RI. THEY OPEN DAILY from Noon to 5 pm!

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NRAS Focus on Figures 2018

Local artist, Tatiana Roulin of Sharon, has her pastel painting “Mardi Gras” (8″x8″ pastel, 12″x12″ framed size) selected for the NRAS “Focus on Figures 2018” Juried Show.  This year Figures Show is juried by Robert Liberace (

Exhibition dates: April 15th – April 22nd, 2018. WHERE: GAR HALL, 157 Old Main St. in Marshfield Hills, MA; Gallery Hours: Mon. – Fr. 9 – noon, Sat. and Sun. 1 – 3 pm. Opening Reception: Saturday, April 14th, 7 – 10 pm.


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Focal Point – The Still Life

Local artist, Tatiana Roulin of Sharon, has 3 oil still life paintings, “Gerberas and Apples” (24″x24″,oil), “Teapot, fruits and corn” (24″x24″, oil) and “Oriental Sugar Vase and Citruses” (13″x16″,oil, SOLD), included in the “Focal Point – the Still-life” Invitational Show held by the South Street Gallery of Hingham, MA.  Her “Gerberas and Apples” painting has been featured in the Boston Globe along with press release about this show.

Exhibition dates: Jan 5th – Feb 5th, 2018. WHERE: South Street Gallery, 149 South Street, Hingham, MA. Opening Reception:  Friday, January 12th, 6 – 8 pm.

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DAA Winter Juried Show 2018

Local artist, Tatiana Roulin of Sharon, has her pastel painting “Summer in New England” (20″x24″, pastel) juried into Duxbury Art Association Winter Juried Show 2018. Now in its 45th year, the DAA Winter Juried Show is known as one of the most prestigious juried competitions in our region. The show is running through April 22nd and is free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm at the Art Complex Museum 189 Alden St. Duxbury, MA . This year you can see this exhibition online.

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